Why Does Ayumi Like Satoshi?

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Why Does Ayumi Like Satoshi?

A failed ritual resulted in Ayumi’s critical wounds requiring hospitalization. Ayumi was carried out of the crumbling Shinozaki Estate by Naomi, who picked her up on the side of a mountain road and took them to the hospital. As the collapsed estate crumbled, the Book of Shadows was buried under the debris.

Does Seiko Have A Crush On Naomi?

She says she loves Naomi and that she wants to marry, hug, and kiss her one day.

How Old Is Satoshi Corpse?

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17 (CP) 22 (CP2)




168 cm/5′ 6″


54.2 kg/119 lb

Is Satoshi Still Alive In Corpse Party?

I found a screenshot of the other student’s ID after searching for it. He died trying to return to his world after using Yuuya’s scrap instead of his sister’s.

Did Ayumi Die?

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Alive (Currently in vegetative state)

What Happened To Shinozaki?

Strangled by Takamine. For the Woman in Red, see Woman in Red.

What Happened To Ayumi And Yoshiki?

In the halls of the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Yoshiki tells Mayu that he and Ayumi separated after she began acting strangely.

Does The Little Sister Die In Corpse Party?

As we see in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Kizami catches Yuka and her story begins. It is possible that the player will learn that the rest of the group will also die in the same manner as they did in the wrong end of the chapter, as she dies the same way she did in Corpse Party: Blood Covered Wrong END 2 4.

Who Can Survive In Corpse Party?

Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi, Yoshiki, and Yuka are the only characters who have a chance of living in the True Ending, and that’s all. Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi, Yoshiki, and Yuka are the only survivors in the Downer Ending.

Is Satoshi Mochida Dead?

Satoshi Mochida



Series lifespan

“Separation” to “Sorrowful Truth”



Satoshi’s remains

Who Survived The Corpse Party?

As a result, Satoshi, Yuka, Naomi, Ayumi, and Yoshiki must escape the school, but unfortunately, in the true ending of the game, only Satoshi, Yuka, Naomi, Ayumi, & Yoshiki survive as the rest are killed: Seiko is hung by

Does Yoshiki Survive?

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Cause of Death

Body crushed by the arms of Yoshikazu Yanagihori in a hug until bled out. (Live Action Movie only)

Does Seiko Die In Corpse Party?

As she runs down the stairs, a piano wire cuts her head. Sachiko drinks her blood while Naomi holds Seiko’s severed head.

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