Why Does Atticus Defend Tom Robinson Ripple Effect?

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Why Does Atticus Defend Tom Robinson Ripple Effect?

In order to act as a positive role model for his children and teach them valuable life lessons, Atticus must defend Tom Robinson. Jem and Scout are shown the importance of courage, integrity, and obeying one’s conscience by Atticus.

Why Does Atticus Defend Tom Robinson Chapter9?

Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman, has asked Atticus to defend him. Scout tells Atticus that he must argue the case in order to maintain his sense of justice and self-respect, even though he cannot win the case.

How Does Atticus Defending Tom Affect Scout?

As a result of the trial, he feels as though his father sacrificed everything for nothing. In addition to being angry, Scout is also upset about people calling Atticus racist names, and looking down on the family for his choice of name. She gets into physical altercations because of this.

What Reasons Did Atticus Give For Defending Tom?

In chapter 9, Atticus explains his reasoning for defending Tom: “If I didn’t defend Tom, I couldn’t hold my head up in town, I couldn’t represent this county in the legislature, and I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do so.”.

How Does Atticus Defending Tom Affect His Family?

In addition to his decision to defend Tom, Atticus’ actions are morally courageous because they put his family in danger. As a result of the Finch family’s exposure during the trial, Scout and Jem were constantly harassed by other children and adults in Maycomb. In addition to adhering to his beliefs, Atticus also did so.

How Does Atticus Protect Tom Robinson?

The argument that Atticus made a good decision by defending Tom may be made by some people. Taking the case could have put Atticus’ life at risk. Tom Robinson, for instance, was in jail awaiting trial when Atticus guarded it so that he wouldn’t be killed by someone.

How Does Atticus Prove Tom Robinson’s Innocence?

Tom’s left arm is completely useless, and Atticus shows the jury that Tom is a disabled person. Tom’s innocence is demonstrated by Atticus’s closing remarks, which include mentioning the lack of medical evidence, the conflicting testimonies of the Ewells, and Tom’s obvious handicap.

What Page Does Atticus Defend Tom Robinson?

Tom Robinson (Chapter 9, page 99) is defended by Atticus, who feels that he has to do what is right for himself or his children.

Does Atticus Volunteer To Defend Tom Robinson?

Scout asks Atticus about Tom Robinson, a man who attends the same church as Calpurnia, the Finch family’s cook, and he explains that he is defending him. As we learn in chapter 16, Judge Taylor assigned Atticus to defend Tom, but she did not volunteer.

How Does Atticus Defending Tom Robinson Affect Scout?

Scout is influenced by Atticus’ respect and equality for all people, as well as his view of people and events as positive. She was also taught that everyone should be treated equally no matter who they are by Atticus. Scout was influenced by Atticus’s message of respect for nature.

How Did Atticus Taking The Case Affect Scout?

Scout and Jem are influenced by Atticus’ positive example and his explanation of why he defends Tom Robinson in the story. Additionally, he provides a positive influence by teaching Scout empathy and by reading Jem to Mrs. Dubose after he destroys her flowers.

How Does The Trial Of Tom Robinson Affect Scout?

As a result of Tom Robinson’s trial, Scout is affected by the fact that she will become aware of the hypocrisy and prejudice in Maycomb, to recognize the significance of Atticus’s defense of Tom, and to develop a more mature outlook on life as a result.

What Does Scout Learn About Atticus Defending?

It is shocking to learn that Scout’s father had to defend Tom, but she never heard of it from Atticus. In the end, Scout finds it odd that Atticus would not tell them that information since it would have given them an excuse to defend their father on the playground and in school.

How Did People React To Atticus Defending Tom?

Tom Robinson’s defense of Atticus is seen as a threat by the children. There is still abuse at school, and they are aware that everyone in the town is talking about it. The fact that Scout fought Francis indicates that even members of their own families condemn them.

How Does Atticus Treat His Family?

The way Atticus treats his children is respectful and allows them to develop into independent adults. Jem is encouraged to become a football player by Scout, who acts like a tomboy. As a result of the altercations between Jem and Scout, Atticus listens to both sides of their stories in order to treat them fairly.

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