What Is Ripple Fold Butt Master?

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What Is Ripple Fold Butt Master?

What is the purpose of Ripplefold?? Ripplefold glides along the track with each fold perfectly positioned, giving it a beautiful, tailored appearance. A master carrier that eliminates flat areas of your drapery panels, giving them a luxurious appearance.

What Are Ripple Fold Drapes?

RIPPLEFOLD CURTAINS are what they sound like. A Ripple fold style curtain is a curtain with a consistent s- curve rippling across the track. These ripples are created by carriers that are corded together to create a consistent wave in hospitality installations.

What Is A Butt Master Carrier?

Overview. Folds to butt together at the center of a center draw, preventing overlap between the two. Butt Master is attached to three snaps with a secure fabric. In all other folds, there is no gap between snaps.

What Is A Ripplefold Panel?

A Ripplefold is a type of drapery panel that is made by sewing stiff snap tape to the head of a flat drapery and installing it on track carriers. In addition to Ripplefold, Wave or S-Fold can also be used. Overhead, the drapery panel is rolled and rippled.

What Is Recommended Fullness For Ripplefold Curtains?

Ripplefold draperies are perfectly flat, making laundering, cleaning, and pressing easier and less expensive. Draperies fall into soft, natural folds when they are snapped into carriers, making them easier to clean and press. A treatment area of 120″ wide will be covered by the treatment. The desired fullness will be 80%.

What Are Curtain Folds Called?

A curtain should be hung properly with pleats. A single pleat or a double pleat (butterfly pleat) are two options you can choose from. It is possible to choose a combination with a return fold, for example, if the fabric is stiffer. In addition to stiffening fabrics, return pleats also allow them to fall neatly into the fold.

How Do You Measure For Ripplefold Curtains?

You can measure the area you would like to cover by measuring its width. You can see the width of your order by looking at the fullness (approximate). The amount of fullness is 8x. You will have the same span left to right as your hardware if your drapery needs to be opened and closed.

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