Top 4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Will Not Stop At $20k This Time

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Bitcoin has a very long future. Many predictions are being made, depending on the demand it has today. Many believe that digital currency is going to replace original cash for sure very shortly. If you are aware of the bitcoin market for a long time, you will understand the comparison charts between the prices analyzed from last few years. Some say that bitcoin price can drop, some say it may increase. Bitcoin Superstar says that bitcoin will not disappear. Well, one cannot exactly predict the future, but one can at least hope for the best by comparing the previous charts on board and with previous experiences. Let us discuss it in detail.

Reasons why bitcoin price will not drop

  • People are becoming more aware of the platform and smart investing.
  • If you take a look at the network fundamentals, they are better than ever today.
  • Today’s expected date for bitcoin price (which was way lower than what it is today) is still 11 months away.
  • The holders of bitcoin currency are more than ever and increasing day by day.
  • If you consider looking at the bigger macroeconomic picture, you can easily predict that the price will not drop this time, not in 2019.

Is bitcoin investing the same as other investing?

Not. Investing is such a concept that differs from every other stream. It depends on how the particular market works. You cannot take the experiences from one market place and apply it to another and wonder why you filed. Many forget to see this simple thing and end up failing big time. And they blame the system and the process. Each Bitcoin Superstartoday is in that position as they chose to make wise decisions.

Here Are Five Reasons To Love Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been the first decentralized Cryptocurrency created in 2009. There are many reasons that people are shifting to this Cryptocurrency than utilizing traditional ones, and some of these are listed below.

Core features

  • Fraud- proof: A public ledger stores all the cryptocurrencies created and all confirmed transactions. The bitcoin owners’ identity is encrypted so that the legitimacy of record keeping is ensured. The currency is decentralized meaning that the owner can completely own it. No government or bank has any control over it.
  • Identity theft: Accurate balance of the digital wallets can be calculated due to the ledger’s credibility. The transactions are thoroughly checked so that it can be noted that the accurate spender is spending the coins. Blockchain is another term given to the public ledger. Transaction blockchain technology is used to ensure secured digital transactions with the help of encryption and smart contracts. These smart contacts assist in reducing frauds and making the entity virtually and completely un-hackable. Blockchain technology impacts every segment of each life.

Additional features

  • Instant settlement: Cryptocurrency is easy to use and user-friendly. The reason why it is in high demand can be attributed to the fact that blockchain provides all the value to Cryptocurrency. All one needs to access Cryptocurrency is a smart device and an internet connection that lets you become your bank, making payments and money transfers.
  • Accessible: Traditional exchange systems can not be accessed by all two billion people using the internet. However, all of these people can use the cryptocurrency market.
  • Ownership: The entire ownership of the bank of bitcoins belongs to you; that is, there is no alternate electronic cash system as the account is owned by you. Even though there has been mention of a scam site name Bitcoin Superstar, the concept of bitcoin/ cryptocurrency remains to be one of the most trusted.

Cryptocurrency: Monetary and Financial Future

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium through which financial transactions can be conducted by implementing crypto-graphical functions. It has become a great democratizing force for the world as it has pressed flat the playing field and has allowed simply anyone with a smartphone to access financial services. 

The conception behind Cryptocurrency

There are numerous ways of dwelling with one another; the most common way is money through which people can be incentivized to work towards the same thing at the same time. The current financial systems are centralized with many functions and the involvement of intermediaries that make things incredibly inefficient and oppose the concept of having a virtual currency. The leading industries of the world, be it tech or FMCG, all are focused on selling ‘efficiency’. 

An efficient source of finance

Cryptocurrency strengthens the impression of efficiency and enables individuals to participate in this global economy, leading to benefit others and be benefited by them. In this digital space, the Bitcoin Superstar was the Bitcoin Superstar that transformed the way people think about the real global economy, leading to the birth of Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Monero etc. In essence, Cryptocurrency talks about decentralization that avoids the idea of a single point of failure. 

The Future of Bitcoin

Currently, 25 Bitcoin are created within 10-12 minutes and are valued to top about 21 million, this is a level that’s foreseen to go up in 2140. Every businessman or individual who prefers digital currency over fiat money believe that there’s quite scope in the conception behind it and that a Bitcoin’s value depends on what people are wishing to invest in it. They’re well aware of the fact that in the next few years, purchases and sales along with other money transactions will be facilitated through digital currencies and e-wallets.

The face of banking is changing. For almost the last century, traditional banking systems have been operating the way they do with being prone to little or no threat from alternatives. However, this is no longer case as people are moving towards Cryptocurrencies. Despite many people being hesitant to opt for this new approach, they believe that Cryptocurrencies would shake up the entire banking system as the face of banking altering and therefore outlining the cracks in the traditional banking systems.

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