How To Ripple Delete In Numbers?

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How To Ripple Delete In Numbers?

In Ripple delete, whatever is selected is removed, and if a gap is left behind, media to the right is moved to fill that gap, so there is no “dead space” left.

How Do You Ripple Delete In Premiere?

By right clicking on the area you wish to delete, you can choose ‘ripple delete’. By doing this, you will be able to delete your clip and automatically restore your timeline to fill the gap left by the deleted footage.

How Do I Delete Clips In Premiere Pro?

The Lasso Tool can be selected or used in Premiere Pro. You can select clips in front or behind your chosen clip by clicking Track Select Forward Tool or Backward Tool. The clip selection overrides the track selection when it is selected. You can delete clips by selecting them and pressing delete, or you can delete ripples by selecting Shift and Delete.

What Is Ripple Delete In Shotcut?




Ripple Delete

X or Shift+Del or Shift+Backspace

X or shift+delete


Z or Del or Backspace

Z or delete







How Do I Ripple Delete Spaces In Premiere?

Click and drag your clips to the adjustment layer after selecting them all. You will see gaps in the adjustment layer if you drag them back down. Right-click on all adjustment layers, then delete the ripple layer.

How Do You Undo A Delete In Premiere Pro?

  • You can undo any recent change by selecting Edit > Undo…
  • You can jump to a specific state of the project since it was opened by selecting an item in the History panel.
  • File > Revert will undo all changes made since the last time you saved the project.
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