How To Knit A Ripple Afghan?

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How To Knit A Ripple Afghan?

The following pattern will be repeated 11 times: Row 1. Cast on 210 stitches, and knit in the pattern. Knit. Row 2. Purl. Row 3. Three times the amount of K2 is needed. Six times, three times, six times, K1 six times, K2 three times, K1 six times, K2 tog three times. The number of times you repeat is 11. Row 4. Knit.

How Many Stitches Do I Cast On For A Knitted Afghan?

Casting on 120 stitches is the best method for making a medium-sized blanket. Cast 160 stitches on a large lap blanket. Cast 200 stitches on a lap blanket that is extra large.

Can You Knit A Ripple Afghan?

The purl stitches make wavy lines when you knit ripple stitch zigzags. A quick-knit stitch, ripples are popular in afghans and scarves. You can make waves by casting on a multiple of 8 sts, plus 6 sts, in this sample.

What Is The Best Cast On Method For A Blanket?

Cast-on long-tail method The long-tail cast-on method is one of the most popular ones, and it can be used in many different situations. The process takes a little time to learn, but with this method, you can cast on your stitches very quickly. If your tail is too short, you should shorten it.

How Many Stitches Do You Need For A Blanket?

Type of blanket

Width (inches)

Length (inches)

Small lap blanket or wrap



Medium lap blanket



Large lap blanket



Twin size blanket



How Do I Know How Many Stitches To Cast On?

In the Stitches to Cast-On, dW x S/W is equal to the number of stitches. Divide the stitches counted in a swatch by the width measured. Multiply by the desired width. In this example, you will take the area of 4*4 equal to the measurement.

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