How Many Pages Are Ther In Opus By Satoshi Kon?

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How Many Pages Are Ther In Opus By Satoshi Kon?

Opus cannot be discussed properly without spoilers. In fact, the climax, which pits Nagai and Satoko against the Masque, is not the end of the story, since the story as written ended with everyone hanging in space, not in fact the end of the story, because the story as written didn’t really have an ending

How Many Volumes Are In Opus?


The cover of the first volume of Opus, showing a page from the manga



Original run

October 1995 – June 1996



What Does Opus Mean In Anime?

Opuses are watch orders for classical composers.

Did Satoshi Kon Work On Akira?

As an assistant to Otomo in the manga “Akira,” Kon worked on the project. Satoshi Kon is credited with a “Special Thanks to Satoshi Kon” in the final Akira manga (issue #6). The manga “World Apartment Horror” (1991) by Katsuhiro Otomo was even adapted by Satoshi Kon.

What Is Satoshi Kons Opus About?

Satoshi Kon is the author and illustrator of Opus, a seinen manga series. Manga artist who is in the middle of his final manga and must confront his characters in the world of the manga he is concluding. In addition to Perfect Blue, Opus was Kon’s last manga before he entered the anime industry.

How Many Chapters Are In Opus?

There are 19 chapters in Opus, and judging by its length and pacing, it seems destined for a movie adaptation. Resonance is Chikara Nagai’s last attempt to complete his life’s work as a mangaka.

How Many Volumes Is Opus?

Satoshi Kon was a manga artist before becoming a director, and Dark Horse is pleased to honor him with the release of Satoshi Kon’s OPUS, an omnibus collection of two volumes from 1996 created just before his first film was released.

Is Takt Op An Anime Original?


Classical music

Created by

Bandai Namco Arts DeNA Oji Hiroi


Takt Op. Unmei wa Akaki Senritsu no Machi o


Game Studio

Is There Romance In Takt Op?

The Shoujo Lovers – ANIME TITLE: Takt Op. Music/action/romance, no love triangle!! It’s true that romance will be available later on Facebook.

What Was Satoshi Kons Last Work?

His most ambitious work was Paprika (2006), a sci-fi parable about the potential for dark forces to unleash themselves on humanity through the internet. In his last film, Dreaming Machine, Kon directed a children’s film about three robots’ adventures.

What Is Satoshi Kon Best Known For?

Satoshi Kon


Animator film director screenwriter manga artist

Years active


Notable work

Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, Paprika


Kyoko Kon ​ ​ ( m. 1995; died 2010)​

Is Satoshi Kon Dead?

The Lateoshi Kon (1963-2010) )Satoshi Kon / Living or Deceased

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