How Does Satoshi Dice Work?

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How Does Satoshi Dice Work?

Satoshi Dice works by sending Bitcoins to a number of static addresses that are publicly known. There is a predetermined winning payout at each address based on the odds. As soon as Satoshi Dice wins, it sends back the bet amount multiplied by the payout multiplier.

How Do You Play Satoshi Dice?

  • If you wish to place a bet with Bitcoin Cash, please send it to an address below. DO NOT SEND IT TO A WALLET.
  • Satoshi will roll the dice and pick a lucky number!!
  • The Lucky number is less than the number you selected. Copyrighted by the publisher.
  • Is Satoshi Dice Legal?

    Bitcoin gaming site SatoshiDice is closing to US players, citing legal advice. SatoshiDice is closing to US players, moving to block all US-based IP addresses from the website.

    What Is Satoshi Dice?

    Since 2012, SatoshiDICE (also known as Satoshi Dice) has been a “blockchain-based betting game”. Satoshi Dice wagers are sent without access to the website or client software, unlike traditional online gaming software.

    Who Created Satoshi Dice?

    History. As the service was initially developed by BitcoinTalk forum user FireDuck before being sold to another operator, Satoshi Dice was the brand name. On April 24, 2012, the service was announced. Within weeks, the site was responsible for more Bitcoin transactions than any other Bitcoin-related application.

    Who Bought Satoshi Dice?

    126,315 BTC! Erik Voorhees sold SatoshiDice to the new owner for a whopping sum of money. You have $12 in US dollars if you translate that into that currency. There are 4 million people in the world.

    Who Created Bitcoins?

    Satoshi Nakamoto


    Japanese (claimed)

    Known for

    Inventing bitcoin, implementing the first blockchain

    Scientific career


    Digital currencies, computer science, cryptography

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