A Bitcoin Startup That May Grow To Be A Market Leader Someday: Coinbase

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Gone are the days when people were used to being suspicious about the bitcoins and cryptocurrency, as the value of this digital format of currency rose a couple of years ago leading corporate houses and top financial institutions, started adopting its use. Speaking of Coinbase, it will not be wrong to term it as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. People also claim that it just got lucky for being at the right place for capitalizing on interest spike. Let’s find out is it true on, Bitcoin Superstar?

An introduction to Coinbase

To introduce Coinbase, It is just a company based in San Francisco, known for providing an amazing platform to trade cryptocurrency in the United States Of America. According to the reports of a leading daily corporate newsletter, the Coinbase made a decent spot among the top list of disruptors in 2018. This startup’s journey was never a bed of roses, they struggled a lot to become what they are today, and as a result, the size of their engineering team has also doubled.

Everything is not Win-Win

The growth of Coinbase was quite rapid, and from the year 2017, there are some threats that it has to deal with just like any other business has to. With the growing acceptance of bitcoins and cryptocurrency the competition among trading platforms as well. Coinbase is also exploring several other opportunities for venture capitals for building a strong base around the organizations. The Coinbase has also introduced some of the custody and other products launched in the market.

Top Bitcoin Alternatives For 2018

Aware of digital currency yet? If not, you are missing out on a lot of good stuff. The digital currency is a concept that came around not so long back. All billionaires of today’s world is a Bitcoin Superstar. It was discovered in this decade. And it is a good thing that provides hope for a lot of people who are worried about future businesses and money transactions.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that can be used as digital money. Apart from that, there are other alternatives for this bitcoin for trading your online cryptocurrency to invest in your future. All you need to know about is how the market works and when to invest how much. Because as easy as it might seem, it is a very risky option to choose.

Altcoins for bitcoin

Now people have heard a lot about bitcoin. So, discuss the alternatives for bitcoin. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Litecoins
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Ripple
  • Dai

Though these are an alternative to bitcoin, the main aim of these coins is the same. To make currency borderless. This will make the transactions much easier, and you can send money to anyone you want without worrying about reaching too late.

Which coin has the highest value?

Well, until now, bitcoin has the highest price and value. It is also used by Bitcoin Superstars like Warren Buffet and other billionaires. But when one looks at the long-term digital currency goals and compares the price charts that include ripple, dai, or any other alternative, there is a high chance of one of them taking over. This doesn’t mean bitcoin will disappear, but it is to say that the other ones are equally good.

3 Of The Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Bitcoin is gaining momentum and popularity. It is faster than expected, and people around the globe are conversing about it. Bitcoin can be purchased by non-technical people as well due to the comfortable experiences offered by bitcoin exchanges. Some of the best ones are discussed below.


Binance is rapidly growing and becoming popular. It’s IGO. It is updated, and because of this, it has grown tremendously to be placed in the top ten bitcoin exchanges globally. It is based out in China, and even though it doesn’t cater to its own native country, it is open to most countries around the world. Binance has even expanded its business enough to provide a decent and good discount to some day traders. It is easy to get registered and even comfortable experience. The process is simple and fast. The fee structure of this is unique.


Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange which provides a unique feature of trading more than 190 cryptocurrencies at a single time. This company is a well-regulated one and compliant with all US rules. It is a safe exchange so that crypto users do not worry about their funds or their safety. A KYC submission needs to be stimulated so that funds can be withdrawn easily. Registration and login are easy and comfortable. Account verification is done surprisingly fast, and two types of accounts are supported by it. A basic account and an advanced account.


It is easy to trade volumes of bitcoins with poloneix. The best feature of the exchange is that it can be trusted 100%. It is extremely easy to get started on poloneix, and USDT or any other cryptocurrency can be deposited for starting the trade. All these mentioned exchanges are free and immune to the scam inducing Bitcoin Superstarwebsite.

Some of the benefits of ICO

Apart from its working and recognition let us talk about the advantages hosted by the same. One of the major parts associated with it is that its functioning does not require lots of organization or regulation. It also eradicates the requirement to go through plenty of paperwork procedures and then IPO. One gets absolute liability as there are no chances to lose the share, and it can even boost your overall capital. It is also significant to allow investors to proceed early if it comes to the latest cryptocurrency. With the utilization of ICO, many platforms can raise maximum capital easier than any other medium.

Therefore, if you need any more details regarding the same, look for it online and get all the information.

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