My blog gets a new home

My blogs have recently changed home - from Blogger to Wordpress running on OpenShift.

I tried out various blog engines like nerve (on node.js) and Nibbleblog, but finally settled for Wordpress, because I was too lazy to do so much configuration stuff. Further Openshift had a Wordpress cartridge so that was too easy to set up (In fact I did not have to do anything except click a button :P ).

I would rate Wordpress higher than Blogger, but I must admit Nibbleblog had a better blog editor and admin dashboard. But it was missing certain essential features like feeds according to tags and categories (and I absolutely need it for integrating it to Planet KDE) and also importing my existing blogs. So finally settled for Wordpress, which should hopefully keep me happy for some time. :D

Update: As of 2016 November I have settled for Jekyll running on Github Pages (I was previously running Tumblr, meh!). I have been using this at a lot of places and I am quite happy with it, so I would definitely recommend it :)