Imagine Cup, National Finals, 2013

So finally after this long wait, after three months of long brain-storming(not to mention the fights and arguments we had) and lots of code, we are finally here at the Imagine Cup National Finals, 2013. Right now we are sitting at the cafe of Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad(food is really cheap here!), and it’s been a while now since everyone passing us has been staring a lot at us(probably wondering who these kids are). This is a view from the cafe, I wonder why these guys just don’t sit here all day and make it there workplace.

Microsoft India Office Hyderabad

The journey to Hyderabad so far has been memorable with our Abhinav coming up with his usual round of antics. Do I need to say more? Well, I loved Hyderabad a lot ‘coz it’s a lot like Ahmedabad. We have good food here and not to mention the good people here (And yeah, Jaydeep ate a lot last night, can’t guess what’s wrong :D). Also a bit about out app. We have developed something that would enable the visually impaired to read texts from books, visiting cards, etc using their phones. So basically it involves the phone capturing a text on its own and reading it aloud. No demo videos yet, we haven’t released them, but expect them soon. We also had a chance to actually test the app in a school for visually impaired in Gandhinagar. Here’s screenshot of our app’s splash-screen. Credits to Anuj for the wonderful design.

Read For Blind Splash

We had lots of fun last night with the presentations coming up. We have one day to go before the final presentations tomorrow. Now I guess we might have to do rounds to check out our T-Shirt sizes. Hoping for the best and keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow’s presentation.